It Is Used As A Mouthwash Or A Wound Disinfectant.

The common symptoms of a fungal rash will depend on the part that gets affected. Ear infection can be treated easily, but considering that ear pain can be a symptom of some other complication, one can't afford to turn blind eye to the same. All this contributes in preventing back pain in the long ladder. Lobelia paste when applied to legs, provides relief from most of the leg pain symptoms. Symptoms: dizziness, head numbness, loss of muscle control Spinal Cord Disorders - Degenerative disc diseases, spinal arthritis, herniated discs, and any injury to the spinal cord, might lead to head paresthesia. Chest pain associated with the heart usually occurs gradually, and lasts for a few minutes at least 5 minutes, and then subsides or results in a heart attack. Breathe deep while doing this exercise. Disclaimer: This article is purely for informative and educational purposes, please seek the advice of a registered medical practitioner before attempting self-diagnosis or treatment of the condition. The table below will enlist the kinds of doctors. Clinical Neurophysiologist - Diagnoses conditions and disorders affecting the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous system with the help of electro physiological tests. Uterine Growth: Development of a benign growth in the uterus could also be responsible for causing post menopausal bleeding. Proofread acupuncture courses your grant proposal properly. hospitalise - Looks after patients who are hospitalized. As a part of the policy, the Public Health Ministry promotes the use of herbal medicines, implements scientific approaches to check the effectiveness of herbal medications, and encourages growing herbal plants. Hepatologist - Studies and treats diseases that affect the liver.

This can mean that the sinus problem is due to a viral infection and one may have to consider other treatment options for sinusitis resulting from virus attack. It is used as a mouthwash or a wound disinfectant. ✦ Ampalaya: Scientific name - Momordica charantia and common name - bitter gourd. You can also contribute to the society and have a stable financial future by becoming a doctor! This antibiotic is prescribed when patients do not respond to amoxicillin dosage. Nuclear Cardiologist - Implements techniques related to nuclear medicine for diagnosing and treating various cardiac diseases.

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