Some Conditions May Require Continuous Treatments In Order To Achieve Long-term Effect.

PDQ.s. service of the MCI. It can become serious enough that cancer treatment has to be reduced or stopped. Pain or musculoskeletal complaints account for seven of the top ten conditions for which individuals use acupuncture, according to the 2007 National Health Interview Survey. It involves inserting needles to stimulate points on the outer ear . 64 The modern approach was developed in France during the early 1950s. 64 There is no scientific evidence that it can cure disease; the evidence of effectiveness is negligible. 64 Scalp acupuncture, developed in Japan, is based on reflexological considerations regarding the scalp . In cancer treatment, its main use is to control symptoms, including the following: Aromatase inhibitors, a type of hormone therapy for post menopausal women who have hormone-dependent breast cancer, may cause muscle and joint pain. Some conditions may require continuous treatments in order to achieve long-term effect. J Pain Symptom Manage 33 3: 258-66, 2007.  J trait Chin Meg 7 2: 139-40, 1987.  Am J Chin Meg 31 6: 945-54, 2003.  Acupuncture in Cancer Treatment A frequently asked question by patients undergoing cancer treatment is, “Can acupuncture help me?” pubbed Abstract Sato T, Cu Y, Gus SA, et al.: Acupuncture stimulation enhances splenic natural killer cell cytotoxicity in rats. The placebo effects means that people have a benefit from the treatment because they believe that it will work.

pubbed.bstract Dundee J, Ghaly G, Fitzpatrick KT, et al.: Acupuncture to prevent cisplatin-associated vomiting. EA significantly improved fatigue, anxiety, and depression as well as arthralgia compared with usual care  86   87 . Previous animal and human studies have suggested that acupuncture worked through immunomodulation, with significant changes in cytosines including interleukin IL-1, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, and tumour necrosis factor-alpha TNF-alpha. 36 - 40 These studies were limited by small sample size and occasional conflicting results. Acupressure, a non-invasive form of bodywork, uses physical pressure applied to acupressure points by the hand or elbow, or with various devices. 54 Acupuncture is often accompanied by moxibustion, the burning of cone-shaped preparations of moxa made from dried mugwort on or near the skin, often but not always near or on an acupuncture point. Acupuncture may also have a positive oriental medicine influence on immune function in people with cancer.

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